Install owncloud6 with Puppet on Debian 7 Wheezy

Owncloud is a nice alternative to proprietary cloud (google drive, microsoft azur..)

I made a puppet module to install it, check it out:

This is a puppet module to automate owncloud 6 installation on wheezy
/!\ warning this will modify your apache/mysql config. Better use a clean debian wheezy.
“Installation guide:”

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y puppet git
cd ~
git clone

“edit hostname, passwords before launching:”

vi ~/owncloud6/manifests/nodes.pp
node 'yourhostname' {
class { owncloud6:
        mysqlroot_password => 'mysqlrootpassword',
        db_password => 'owncloudpassword',
        db_host => 'localhost',
        db_name => 'owncloud',
        db_user => 'ownclouduser', }

launch puppet:

sh ~/owncloud6/

“wait few minutes (libreoffice can take quite a while to install) then go to:”
“fill login/passwd, click advanced
select MySQL and fill informations”



Since we used default ssl apache2 certificate, you can create you own self signed following this post

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